• Leather Cord 2mm - 100 cm

Leather is traditionally one of the oldest materials in jewelry manufacture. Due to its natural flexibility and robust longevity, Leather Cord is an ideal base material for necklaces, bracelets and pendants. Because it is a natural material, Leather Cord is especially suitable for people who are allergic to metal.

GRIFFIN Leather Cord is made from 100% genuine rounded cowhide and is produced in Germany. Our Leather Cord is noted for its outstanding quality and supple softness.

Whether you use Griffin Leather Cord for braiding a small work of art or adorn it with a pendant in a single row, jewelry made of Leather Cord is always unique and very vibrant.

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Leather Cord 2mm - 100 cm

  • Marca: Griffin
  • Codice Prodotto: 04500100008
  • 3.00€

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