• Mani di Fata Magazine - Placemats Embroidery Ready to Transfer

16 little tablecloths ready to transfer

The essence of welcome, gathering and chatting kindly around a table. The situations may be really many: breakfasts, birthdays, meeting new acquaintances, or even a simple coffee. This monography is dedicated to all these nice convivial moments, which make us rediscover the pleasure of staying together, sharing experiences and emotions.

Therefore, these situations deserve an accurate setting, which takes care of every single detail with that sense of intimacy which makes your guest feel at ease right away. In this new album you will find 16 different settings and styles to take inspiration from.

Of course the protagonists are tablemats: the transferable drawings, the information on the stitches and the fabrics used as well as the embroidery schools are an invitation to create a very original trousseau dedicated to all occasions.

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Mani di Fata Magazine - Placemats Embroidery Ready to Transfer

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