• Mani di Fata Magazine - Artistic Fashion Tricot
Fine works so as to pass through a ring, plots so refined as to be a feast for the eyes, yarn so soft as to become a cuddle on the skin ...The valuable characteristics of processing of knitted lace meant that the passion for this technique tramandasse to this day. They certainly contributed to the success timeless shawls and stoles, versatile and elegant capable leadersenhance any style, in any situation. In this new album we show you how to accomplish, with this particular version of the tricot, a collection exclusive and refined: shawls, stoles but also scarves, cardigans and a minidress from exceptionally light, with fancy points that draw textures evanescent. Yarn is our privileged Kiddy mohair: soft and fluffy, it will be for you an irresistible invitation to caress ...

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Mani di Fata Magazine - Artistic Fashion Tricot

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