• Prym - Circular Knitting Pins - 80 cm

The Prym circular needles are in aluminum, they have a pearl gray and flexible plastic wire is colored dark purple. The packaging is a transparent bag with snap-on help to keep the needles on completion of the work.

The total length of circular needles is 80 cm


  • The tips of the irons have a shape such as not to damage the wire, allowing to insert the iron without difficult. 
  • The transition from the stem of the iron wire is absolutely smooth and tear resistant. 
  • In the circular needles from Prym perlon wire is rupture, antistatic and flexible.


The irons are ideal for creating circular collars, sleeves, top-down sweaters and hats. The technique of circular needles is easy to learn, will allow you to work around without using double pointed needles and without having to sew up your heads!

Another advantage of this technique is the ability to make garments to knit without having to work the iron return backwards!

Once you've made a little 'practice and learned the technique will not abandon the more your circular needles.


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Prym - Circular Knitting Pins - 80 cm

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