Customize the buttons with trendy fabrics, allow your creativity embroidering your initials and patterns to your liking. With the Prym buttons, customize your garments and household linen is simple.

The buttons available in various sizes, from 11 to 29mm, white plastic, are very simple to use.

  • card 11 mm contains 6 buttons 
  • card 15 mm contains 5 buttons 
  • card 19 mm contains 4 buttons
  • card 22 mm contains 3 buttons
  • card 29 mm contains 2 buttons

Each button is composed of two parts: the upper part to be covered with tissue at will, and the lower part which serves to fix the tissue. Once the custom button you can apply it on the head you want by using needle and thread, like a normal button. Choose the size of the buttons by selecting the menu next to the product.

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Prym - Cover Buttons

  • Marca: Prym
  • Codice Prodotto: 00900090004
  • 2.98€

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