Arte del Ricamo Shop offers you wide range of embroidery, crochet and sewing yarns.

You can choose from cotton yarn, silk, linen and give vent to your creativity thanks to the many shades of colors, shades,
fluorescent and metallic yarn.

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DMC Mouliné Stranded Cotton  - Solid Colors - Art. 117

DMC Mouliné six - strand embroidery floss is the most widely us..

1.24€ 1.59€

Anchor Soft Embroidery Cotton Art. 4335

Anchor Soft is 100% cotton thread available in 255 colours. ..

1.07€ 1.60€

Anchor Stranded Cotton - Hand Embroidery Threads

Anchor Stranded Cotton, particularly versatile across all types..


DMC Soft Cotton - Art. 89

DMC Soft Cotton is a matt tapestry thread composed by 5 insepar..


DMC Colbert Wool - Art.486

DMC Colbert wool, yarn made of pure virgin wool, ideal for d..


DMC Special Lace Thread n. 80 - Art. 19

Descripción: Combed, singed by flame and twice mercerised gi..


Anchor Marlitt - Hand Embroidery Thread

Anchor Marlitt embroidery thread, it is a strandable 4 ply loos..

1.79€ 2.20€

Anchor Coton á Broder - Art. 4386025

Made from 100% long staple cotton, Anchor Coton á Broder is ..


DMC Mouliné Stranded Cotton - Variegated Colors - Art. 117

DMC Mouliné Stranded Cotton - variegated colors is the most wid..

1.24€ 1.60€

DMC Retors Alsace n. 8 - Art. 215

Description:  Retors d'Alsace is an Egyptian long stapl..


Filofort Tre Cerchi Arancio - Sewing Thread - Et. 50 - 274m

Filofort Tre Cerchi Arancio, spools of sewing thread in 100% co..


DMC Color Variation - Art. 417

DMC Mouliné Color Variations in 100% long staple cotton, 6-hea..


Thread Cucitutto Gutermann

The thread Gutermann Cucitutto is the most used in tailors sewi..


DMC Special Embroidery n. 25 - Art. 107

Egyptian cotton yarn consists of 4 non-divisible strand..


DMC Diamant - Metallic Embroidery Thread

Art. 380 , metallic hand embroidery thread with brillant eff..


DMC Pearl Cotton - Skeins n. 5 - Art. 115

Description: this thread is very shiny and twisted, availabl..


DMC Pearl Cotton - in Ball n. 8 - Art. 116

DMC Pearl cotton is very shiny and twisted, available in var..


DMC - Nature Just Cotton Art. 302

NATURE Just Cotton, 100% combed cotton of excellent quality...


DMC Light Effects - Art. 317

DMC Light Effect, soft, smooth and durable skeins. Easy to u..


Anchor Artiste - Metallic Crochet Thread

Anchor Artiste, the top quality! The fibers are selected and..


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