Quilting Fabrics

Quilting Fabrics

The best American fabrics for patchwork and creative sewing. A selection of pure cotton fabrics, of excellent quality in solid colors, stripes and polka dots in soft colors such as pink and light blue, ideal for decorating the layette for babies.

Fabrics with hearts to make nice tablecloths, cushions, bags and decorate household linen. And a selection of Christmas patchwork fabrics to make American placemats, Christmas tablecloths, decorate tea towels and pot holders.

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Cotton Fabric - Vitral e Grade

Patchwork fabric 100% cotton, vitral e grade, with symmetric..


Cotton Fabric - Watermelon

Patchwork fabric 100% cotton, watermelon with light backgrou..


Cotton Fabric - Watermelon Peel

Patchwork fabric 100% cotton, watermelon peel, it is ideal t..


Pink Stripes Fancy Cotton Fabric

Pink stripes fancy fabric and white background, 100% cotton, ve..


Checkered Fancy Cotton Fabric -  Turquoise with Flowers

Checkered turquoise fabric with flowers, 100% cotton, very usef..


Patchwork Fabric - Blue Marble Muslin

Patchwork fabric 100% cotton blue marble fancy, ideal to do ..


Patchwork Fabric Light Water Green with Fuchsia Roses

Patchwork fabric 100% cotton, light water green with fuchsia..


Cars Fabric

Patchwork fabric 100% cotton, turquoise background and the fant..


Cotton Fabric  - My Family

Patchwork fabric 100% cotton, my family, ideal to do kid lin..


Cotton Fabric - Selva Colorida

Patchwork fabric 100% cotton, with animals motifs, ideal to ..


Cotton Fabric - Small Checkered Fabric

Pure cotton fabric, small checkered fabric, pink color, suitabl..


Hello Kitty Fabric

Patchwork fabric 100% cotton, pink background and the fantastic..


Patchwork Fabric  Light Blue with White Hearts

The price refers to 50x110 cm of fabric. Patchwork F..


Patchwork Fabric  Red with White Spot

Patchwork Fabric 100% cotton, red with white spot, ideal to ..


Patchwork Fabric - Christmas Motifs in Red

Patchwork fabric, red color, useful to do christmas decorati..


Patchwork Fabric Light Blue Ticking Stripe

Patchwork Fabric 100% cotton, white with light blue stripes,..


Patchwork Fabric Scottish Squares - Blue and Pink

Scottish squares fabric, 100% cotton, pink and blue color, it i..


Patchwork Fabric White with Red and Blue Flowers

Patchwork Fabric 100% cotton, white with blue and red flower..


Pink Flower Fancy Cotton Fabric

Flower fancy fabric 100% pink cotton, very useful to do linen a..


Checkered Fancy Cotton Fabric -  Pink with Flowers

Checkered pink fabric with flowers, 100% cotton, very useful to..


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