Mani di Fata

Mani di Fata

Many hand embroidery magazines, cross stitch patterns, iron on transfers designs, crochet and knitting magazines.

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Hand Embroidery Designs - Special Christmas  n. 261

Hand embroidery iron on transfers designs with many christmas p..


Mani di Fata - Cross Stitch Christmas Patterns 2

More than 80 pages of patterns and Christmas ideas to cross-sti..


Hand Embroidery Designs - White Embroidery n. 249

Elegant motifs to embroider on your home linen using these iron..


Iron on Embroidery Transfer - Runners n. 266

Hand embroidery iron on transfer designs useful to embroider ru..


Jewelry - Create your Bijou

In this magazine you can find many useful ideas to make jewelry..


Mani di Fata Magazine - Christmas Filet

A magazine dedicated to crocheters who want to create precious ..


The Most Beautiful Cross Stitch Motifs 31 - Winter Motifs

Many cross stitch patterns for autumn and winter to embroider o..


The Most Beautiful Cross Stitch Motifs 54 - Christmas

Christmas cross stitch patterns useful to decorate your home li..


The Most Beautiful Cross Stitch Motifs 64 - Kindergarten Lunch Linen

The most beautiful kndergarten patterns ready to cross stitch o..


Hand Embroidery Designs - Curtains n. 254

Hand embroidery iron on transfer designs for curtains, many ide..


Hand Embroidery Designs - Kitchen Linen n. 272

Iron on transfers embroidery designs for your kitchen, you can ..


Cross Stitch - Colors and Ideas

Exclusive designs for artist inspirations. Embroider and create..


Cross Stitch Collection - Baby Cockade and Baby Bibs

A collection of cross stitch patterns usefull to do baby cockad..


Hand Embroidery Designs - Cross Stitch Motifs n. 224

Hand embroidery cross stitch motifs useful to decorate and pers..


Mani di Fata Magazine -  All Crochet Stitches n.2

All crochet stitches n.2, this is a new italian guide very i..


Mani di Fata Magazine - Crochet Artistic Works n. 50

Crochet Artistic Works n. 50, a special number with many center..


Mani di Fata Magazine - Embroidery Chicken stitch 3

Lots of chicken embroidery stitch ideas with checkered fabrics ..


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